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Wire Manufacturing Industry Ltd. (WMIL) was incorporated on 31 st October 1992. The company has installed a brand new state-of-the-art plant imported from Europe/South Korea, which is the only plant of its kind in Pakistan. WMIL has been accorded ........read more...

Group Companies

Transfopower Industries (Pvt)Limited
Cool Industries (Pvt) Limited
Potential Engineers (Pvt) Limited
Namco Associates
Nam Associates
Amin Brother Engineering (Pvt) Limited


The main products are Pre-stressed Concrete Wire/Strand (P.C. Wire/Strand) conforming to ASTM A-416, A-421 or B.S. 5896 in Grade 250/270-K (Normal Relaxation) which are used for bridges, storage tanks and silos, high pressure concrete pipes, railway sleepers and concrete poles; other products include drawn wire in medium and High Carbon from 1.60 mm to 16 mm. We also manufacture H.T. Steel Wire for Railway Concrete Sleepers. Apart from Pre-stressing Industry, we are also major suppliers of Spring Wires.

Pre-stressing of concrete by using P.C. Strand is the introduction of desirable compressive forces into Concrete member. These compressive forces are designed to offset or neutralize any subsequent tensile forces, which occur when concrete member is loaded. Since, concrete has very littletensile strength, pre-stressing ........read more...